Byte-Size Tech: SMSishing Strikes!

smsishing strikes Libby Powers shares a text phishing attempt (also known as smishing) she recently received. Can you spot all the clues that let us know this isn’t legit? Related Reading What Is Phishing? Are You Ready to Go Phishing? Take Our Quiz! Scam Alert! The Rise in SMSishing Fraud Texts Transcript Libby Powers: Hi, y’all! […]

Byte-Size Tech: You’re Invited to a Webinar that Could Save Your Business

Managed IT Services protects your business This Thursday, Sept. 16, Libby Powers of Anderson Technologies and Eric Torres of Datto sit down for a 30-minute educational conversation about the biggest threat to your business today: Ransomware. Learn about the latest threats and real-world solutions to protect yourself. Plus, there’s a chance to win a $250 Visa gift card! And you’re […]

Byte-Size Tech: What Does Successful Onboarding Look Like? Ryenn Gaebler of the Client Success team at Anderson Technologies identifies what makes a successful onboarding process, and what you can expect from Anderson Technologies! Related Reading Byte-Size Tech: Painless Transition to a new MSP Good Sports: Partnering with an MSP After a Disruptive Hack Client Success Transcript Ryenn Gaebler: Hey, everyone, thank you for […]

Byte-Size Tech: He Said Stolen Data Was NBD Libby Powers of Anderson Technologies was taken aback recently when she spoke to someone so cavalier about the data of his clients and partners. Are you treating your business data as if losing it is no big deal? Related Reading Diagnosing the Ransomware “Problem” FREE Cybersecurity Essentials Checklist What Will You Do When Ransomware […]

Byte-Size Tech: Internet Provider and IT Provider Not Playing Nice? What happens when your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and MSP can’t agree on what’s wrong, or who should provide the solution? For a non-profit we spoke with, the solution was a managed IT services provider who could get to the bottom of things and get the job done. Related Reading Is Your Computer Slowing […]

Byte-Size Tech: Painless Transition to a new MSP Changing Managed IT Services Providers may feel like a messy divorce. But the transition doesn’t have to be painful! In the right hands, transitioning to a new MSP is painless, easy, and organized. Related Reading Byte-Size Tech: Welcome to Managed IT Services Should You Break Up With Your MSP? Downtime Lifeline: One Firm’s Battle […]

Byte-Size Tech: A Costly Mistake

A costly mistake Libby Powers with Anderson Technologies knows what it means to have to scramble after kids—and coworkers—when they make mistakes. Partnering with a company like Anderson Technologies could prevent you from coming back from a holiday to realize your business has been hacked. Don’t let simple mistakes be the opportunity criminals need. Related Reading Free […]

Byte-Size Tech: Welcome to Managed IT Services

Welcome to Managed IT Services Mark Anderson and Libby Powers of Anderson Technologies break down who can benefit from a managed services approach to IT support, and how it is different from an internal IT team, or traditional break/fix IT support. Curious about managed IT services for your business? Reach out today! Related Reading What Is Managed IT Services? […]

Byte-Size Tech: Recovering from a Hack Can Be Pricy

Don't let a breach blow your budget

Libby Powers and Ben Fairbanks of Anderson Technologies dive into a recent new client’s story. This non-profit struggled to deal with a hack of their former server and needed a comprehensive IT solution in one vendor. Now, with a solid foundation, they know their data is protected. Related Reading What Is Managed IT Services? Good […]

Byte-Size Tech: What Is Co-Managed IT?

Is a co-managed IT solution right for your business? Co-Managed IT may be a new concept for a lot of viewers, but Mark Anderson and Libby Powers of Anderson Technologies break it down. A co-managed IT solution is a partnership between your internal IT team and a managed IT services provider brought in to help handle workload, fill skill gaps, and provide access […]