10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Switch Your IT Support Provider

Calling IT Support

Companies like yours often stick with their IT support provider for many years, and it can take something quite substantial to prompt them to consider making the switch, even though there may be many small things telling you that it is time. Making the leap to a new IT provider can feel daunting, risky, and […]

Level Up Your Cybersecurity Stance

Level Up Your Cybersecurity Stance Webinar

https://vimeo.com/931141869 In this portion of our latest webinar, Level Up Your Cybersecurity Stance: Going Above and Beyond the Baseline, Principal Mark Anderson and Business Development Manager Corbitt Grow discuss the new landscape financial services companies face.  If video isn’t for you, the transcript for this portion of the talk is below. To view the full […]

Join Us at AECTechCon – Where Technology Meets Industry Expertise

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The world of Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) is continually evolving, pushing the boundaries of innovation and efficiency. For the first time this year, the brightest minds and leading companies are converging to share insights, discoveries, and forge lasting connections at AECTechCon, run by AGC-MO. This year, we are thrilled to be proud sponsors and […]

Are Your Smart Devices Spying on You?

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Smart devices are now a regular part of modern living. It’s no longer futuristic to invite these devices into your home or office—along with the convenience, efficiency, and instant connectivity they bring. Yet they also bring the need to scrutinize their privacy implications. A recent study has raised concerns about the darker side of these […]

Steering the Ship: Tips for Establishing AI Rules in Your Workplace

illustration of employee collaborating with chatbot

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a powerful tool for enhancing the productivity, efficiency, and creativity of any workplace, but with this power comes with some challenges and risks. Businesses need to be proactive about addressing such risks to use AI effectively. Establishing clear and ethical guidelines, or “AI rules,” for staff interaction is essential. Otherwise, you […]

Cybersecurity Attacks in St. Louis: Updates and How You Can Respond

St. Louis makes a great home for managed IT services

By Principal Farica Chang On Tuesday, February 20, 2024, the St. Louis area learned that local Francis Howell School District was temporarily shifting to remote learning in an effort to diagnose and secure its networks after noticing “suspicious” activity. By Thursday, February 22, the district was able to confirm they were the victim of a […]

8 Steps to Modernize Workforce Tech for Small Businesses

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Technology is a pivotal tool for driving efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness. For small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), workforce technology modernization is both an opportunity and a challenge. A recent study found that 45% of businesses modernizing tech saw improved ROI for IT investments. Other important benefits include improved employee retention and decreased cybersecurity risk—not to […]

5 Ways the New SEC Cybersecurity Requirements Will Impact Your Business

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Whether or not it’s on your radar, cybersecurity is paramount for businesses across the globe. As technology advances, so do the threats. In response to the growing sophistication of cyber threats, the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has introduced new cybersecurity rules and best practices. These new requirements are set to significantly impact businesses […]

The Mother of All Breaches: What Business Owners—and You—Should Know

Tips for Cybersecurity

By Principal Farica Chang Cybersecurity breaches may be inevitable in our digital world, but as a business owner, you’re not just responsible for your company’s financial success but also for safeguarding your and your customers’ sensitive information. The Mother of All Breaches (MOAB) isn’t just any breach—it’s a colossal infringement that has earned its name, […]

New Year, New Threat: Emerging Technology Threats to Watch Out For in 2024

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Not all technology is benign. The rapid pace at which technology is evolving brings new opportunities and challenges for businesses and individuals alike, but some innovations can pose serious threats to our digital security, privacy, and safety. The global cost of a data breach last year was USD $4.45 million—an increase of 15% over the […]