Byte-Size Tech: Make Big Changes with IT In Mind

Make business changes with IT in mind

Amy Anderson and Libby Powers of Anderson Technologies take a managed IT services provider approach to big changes. In light of the tumultuous last year, many businesses are facing an office move, remote work, or rightsizing operations. If you are too, be sure to plan with your IT needs in mind. The best way to […]

Byte-Size Tech: Insure Against Tech Disaster

Can you truly insure against technological disaster in business?

Anderson Technologies’ Junior Systems Administrator Quentin Topping sits down with Libby Powers to talk about the little things a managed IT services provider does every day to protect from big disasters. Sometimes, things like insurance and maintenance can seem useless, but insuring your business against potential disaster is something you’ll wish you’d done before the […]

Byte-Size Tech: Employee Training Can Make Or Break Your Cybersecurity

Training Can Make Cybersecurity Work

Mark Anderson and Libby Powers chat about the importance of employee training when it comes to your business’s cybersecurity. Even the most protected network is vulnerable when bad actors are unwittingly given access. Libby shares a personal story of getting phished, and the consequences of a single click. Related Reading Free Ebook: Cybersecurity Business Training: […]

Byte-Size Tech: Managed IT Firm Stopped Ransomware Attack In Progress

This IT Firm Stopped a Ransomware Attack In Progress   Mark Anderson and Libby Powers of Anderson Technologies share background on ransomware, and what happened when Anderson Technologies encountered a ransomware attack happening to one of their clients! Spoiler alert: all of the data was saved. Related Reading How to Protect Your Data from Ransomware Ransomware as a Service: When Criminals Mimic Corporations […]

Listen & Learn: The Keys to IT Innovation

IT Client Success Story

Technology and innovation go hand in hand more often than not. The drive for creativity and efficiency feeds the ideas that lead to technical innovations, and innovative tech allows us to process information and complete tasks faster. Manufacturing and engineering firms know the importance of the tools they use every day to find and solve […]

Everyday Complications, and an All-Hands-on-Deck Upgrade

IT Client Success Story

Computers can be a real source of frustration. Even professionals outside the tech field know that IT issues can be some of the most maddening for employers and employees alike. Seemingly out of nowhere, technical systems can malfunction or seem to run differently in a way that hinders productivity and ideal workflows. Workers who use […]

What Does Working from Home Look Like With an MSP?

IT Client Success Story

Businesses across all verticals are struggling to adjust to the new digital workplace driven by COVID-19 and social distancing efforts. However, businesses fortunate enough to stay afloat rely now more than ever on IT vendors and IT managed service providers (MSPs) to keep their employees online and working. What does a national emergency and sudden […]

Learn: What Is Managed IT Services?

Managed IT Services Solution

Learn all about the managed services model of IT support, and understand the differences and benefits when compared to the traditional “break/fix” model. What Is Managed IT Services?

A Cautionary Tale: Lessons Learned from a Mid-Level Manager

IT Client Success Story

The Anderson Technologies blog specializes in sharing the best ways for business owners to up their cyber security game, but sometimes accounts of tech gone wrong prove just as valuable. Anderson Technologies spoke again with A. A., Chief of Staff of a wealth management firm located in West St. Louis County. Our last interview with […]