Celebrating 25 Years of Anderson Technologies

Anderson Technologies celebrates 25 years

This February marks Anderson Technologies’ 25th anniversary providing exceptional IT services for clients in the St. Louis area and beyond. The milestone provides an opportunity to reflect on the company’s journey since its inception and provides a thoughtful lens on how the organization plans to forge a path for the future. Founding Principals Mark and […]

Should You Break Up with Your MSP?

IT Client Success Story

How one St. Louis practice shed an underperforming managed IT services provider (MSP) and the questions to ask so you don’t end up in the same situation. Relationship challenges occasionally happen, even between businesses. It’s frustrating when a potential vendor promises epic solutions to all your problems, but over the course of months or years […]

Tired of Waiting to Work?

Are you stuck waiting for your technology to work?

The True Cost of Ransomware. Ransomware is a major threat right now. According to Datto, experts in data backup and recovery, 80% of managed services providers (MSP) report ransomware attacks in 2018, and 35% report that some of their clients experienced multiple attacks per day. Clearly, ransomware is nothing to sneeze about. Surprisingly, though, it’s […]

Office Depot Pays for False Malware Reports

Office Depot

Do you trust your computer’s security to anonymous department store employees? For many, the low price, high convenience, and ease of taking a home computer or laptop to a store like Office Depot or OfficeMax for maintenance or repair far outweighs any risk that would normally be associated with a stranger sifting through your files. […]

Small Business for Small Business: An IT Partnership

IT Client Success Story

If you’re a regular reader of our blog, you might recall that we’ve written about Anderson Technologies’ avoidance of canned, one-size-fits-all solutions for IT. As a small business that specializes in serving other small businesses, we know that different clients have different needs. What works best for a small local nonprofit organization might cause more […]

3 Key Ingredients of Our Managed Services “Secret Sauce”

What makes quality managed IT services?

Over the past 20-plus years, Anderson Technologies has seen what works really well in the IT industry and what should be avoided. Simply completing a project is the bare minimum needed from your IT partner and shouldn’t be where managed services ends. Along with technical knowledge and skill, three key traits improve the relationship between […]

IT Glue: Holding the Keys of Your IT Kingdom Together

process documentation can make the difference for organized IT

At Anderson Technologies, your business’s IT security is our highest concern. To that end, last year we implemented a documentation platform called IT Glue after recognizing the benefits of storing critical information in a single, organized repository. Our team consolidates knowledge, building a shared, encrypted library that helps address your needs better than ever before […]

Is Your Cloud Provider Working for You?

Cloud Storage Service Provider Keeps Things Working Smoothly

By now, most companies are working hand-in-hand with cloud providers. Cloud storage is unavoidable, incredibly useful, and becoming more relied upon every day, especially for companies moving toward a paperless office. Therefore, an important question to consider is: are your providers working for you, or do they end up being a hassle? Cloud services should […]

4 Common Tech Problems Impeding Your Business’s Growth

Use Managed IT Services to Handle Common Tech Problems

Like most business owners who live and breathe their enterprises, you and your long-time employees are probably familiar with the quirks and qualms of your office technology. Does one of the front-desk workstations sluggishly boot up at the beginning of the day or frequently crash? Do your mobile devices only pick up a wireless internet […]

How 5 Critical IT Issues Are Compromising YOUR Business

User Frustrated by Critical IT Issues

Are you sure your company’s IT technology is efficient and secure? In a recent study of St. Louis small businesses, Anderson Technologies found common technology problems. While not all apply to every business, it’s important to be aware of IT issues that could one day strike your company. It’s also best practice to evaluate your […]