Managed IT Services in Columbia, MO


That's the percentage of remote clients who stay with Anderson Technologies every year.

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Expect More from Your IT Partner

COMO is so much more than just a college town, and that’s why families and businesses keep making the trek west to establish their roots. Technology in Columbia has reached some pretty incredible feats, such as MU Health Care’s groundbreaking research. Technology has also allowed businesses greater accessibility to otherwise limited resources, one of them being quality IT.

Would you like your IT problems and questions addressed within moments? With the latest tools at hand, there’s no need for a brick-and-mortar office in Columbia, Missouri. Our expert technicians assist clients across the country every day.

Whether you’re looking for a managed IT services provider (MSP), co-managed services in partnership with your internal IT team, or are seeking outside advice on augmenting your cybersecurity and auditing, Anderson Technologies is your trusted remote partner. Expect around-the-clock monitoring, fast troubleshooting, and big-picture thinking. Members of our team are only a short drive away if you need on-site support, but most of our work can be done from afar!

I was definitely concerned about [the distance and whether it would affect the quality of communication]… Once we got [the process] figured out, I think everybody’s fears went away… We just appreciate all [Anderson Technologies has] done for us.”

– K. P., President, Industrial Business Firm, Oklahoma

Assistance with HIPAA Compliance

Worried about maintaining HIPAA compliance and documenting cybersecurity protocol? We partner with the industry experts to provide a solid HIPAA compliance plan for your organization. No solution is truly breach-proof, but you’ll be able to rest easy knowing that you’ve checked all the boxes required to protect your data in the event of an attack.

Focus on Education

Education is on top of everyone’s mind in Columbia, MO—and for good reason! MIZZOU Tigers rule the region, and teachers across the nation call the University of Missouri at Columbia their alma mater.

Education is a priority for Anderson Technologies, too. We keep our team informed of the latest news, threats, and updates, earn new certifications to provide the expertise you need, and share what we’ve learned with you through regular cybersecurity training and bi-monthly updates in our newsletter.

When 85% of cyberattacks include an element of human vulnerability, it’s irresponsible to ignore employee education. Is your organization educated, or will a stray click lead to the loss of your data and your reputation? Not only do we cover your IT needs, we offer tools and resources for periodic training.